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The is well known worldwide for offering traders with abundant information that are all useful and vital on the top Binary Options Trading Platforms. Valuable reviews and news written by experienced market analysis are always great tools to get prepared fully for successful trading, and you will find all these here at We want our users to be confident and knowledgeable before getting into the trading world, because we strongly believe that unlike online gambling, trading can be one of the most lucrative experience with enough preparation and skill.


There is a number of important things you have to do before starting your trading, and being able to distinguish between trustworthy brokers and scam brokers is definitely one of them. One of the goals of our site is to make sure all our readers are going to find reliable binary options brokers. That is why we have a team specialized on examining trading options and brokers sites thoroughly one by one. We put our efforts into gathering the most updated and valuable information in order for you to find top binary brokers without wasting too much time. So if you are looking for the best place to trade binary options, you are in the right place!



Broker Name

Rating Min Deposit Details Sites
1 24Option Read Review $ 250,00 Read Review Visit Site
2 Banc De Binary Read Review $ 250,00 Read Review Visit Site
3 OptionBit Read Review $ 200,00 Read Review Visit Site
4 Traderush Read Review $ 200,00 Read Review Visit Site
5 i Option Read Review $ 100,00 Read Review Visit Site
6 AnyOption Read Review $ 200,00 Read Review Visit Site
7 Ikko Trader Read Review $ 200,00 Read Review Visit Site



List of Binary Options Trading Sites – Process of Finding Top Sites was established with the aim to give the readers an opportunity to find acclaimed brokers smoothly. Take a look at our list of recommended binary options brokers and visit their sites. In our list, you will find the most trustworthy and reputable binary options brokers and probably the most popular ones in 2013.


We have already visited countless number of well known trading forums, gone through the trading networks, cooperated both with traders and brokers to understand fully what exactly the "trustworthy brokers" is, and find the genuine sites to trade at, and we will never stop doing what we are doing now so that our information will stay fresh at all times. Each week, we check what is new and pick up only the useful information for our readers. In addition to our hard work, your own personal research and study would definitely make your trading experience better and expand the winning possibilities, as Benjamin Franklin said, "Diligence is the mother of good luck." If you feel something is not right about the site you are visiting, never trade there.


Genuine research, authentic ratings, uncensored comments Our main goal is to provide true information in order for you to profit efficiently. We will never delete negative critics about brokers at this site. We believe that all our readers have the right to know other traders' experience both good and bad. However, anything illegal will be deleted from our site. If you have a complaint about certain broker, share the link and let others know, and they will make their own research and make their own decision. It is always important to make your own research and be sure that the broker site is trustworthy before making any deposits. When you look at the recommended brokers on certain broker review sites, you might notice that the listed brokers ranking is based on the amount of the payout. Stay away from these reviews.


Independent Broker Reviews – Comments and Ratings From Traders



What we want to avoid is to build up some reviews that are manipulated by advertisers. Only the reviews we want to provide here are the ones that are based on real experiences of traders and experts. It is obvious to us that only this way we can gain trust and long term relationship with the traders. A lot of websites that offer binary options brokers reviews are faithful to advertisers instead of their readers. We would like to assure you that we are different and our only goal is be of assistance to you in binary options trading.


We believe that the most important element in order to attract the readers is the truthfulness. You will find many sites offering binary options reviews that are made by marketing department team whose main purpose is to gain profit from their listed brokers. It is true that we as well earn money from the brokers we have on our lists. What makes it different is that we keep negative comments and complaints as they are so our readers are able to review full content and make their decision wisely. Let us be frank with you, we want to earn money from this site, and brokers play a big role in getting us the bread and butter, but without the readers, nothing will happen. As we gain more and more reputation and trust from our readers, brokers will try harder to come up with better and reliable offers to get our attention which leads to earning your attention eventually via our site.


We endeavor to create the editorial reviews on BinaryBanq forthcoming, useful and we make sure that all the vital information is covered in our site. You will be able to find out what other traders think of listed brokers and even of us. Our editorial reviews will reveal some important details including what kind of trades are accessible, average returns, what kind of commodities you are able to trade, the timing of the closure, and so on. On top of our offered information, we also introduce traders' experiences and feedback, of the brokers they traded at, all for the better decision making.


As we continue to work hard and expand our ability to offer more and more valuable information, we will get more participants in our sites, meaning, more and more readers will visit us and leave comments including negative ones as well.


Full disclosure


You need to keep in mind that using binary options always comes with high levels of risk. It is your responsibility and not anyone else's, to know exactly how much you can risk and afford to lose before you start trading. Our site is offering entertainment only and we do not offer any form of trading whatsoever.


You are required to agree to take full responsibility and hold us harmless against any loss, and follow all applicable laws. We would like to repeat that Binary options do have a high level of risk and there is always a possibility that you will lose your entire investment. Your deposit amount must be equivalent to the amount you can afford to lose.


The main three ingredients to successful trading are; luck, preparation, and responsible trading.

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